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Slate and Copper Company has a long history in Erie, PA and throughout the United States with specialty roof and gutter projects. Our history began with slate and copper roofing and expanded from there. Dave Snyder founded the company in 1997 to offer a solution to the local demand for repair of failing slate roofs.

Soon his experiences led him to expand the opportunity to sales, service, product development, distribution, and marketing of all the products that were necessary for the successful installation of slate and copper roof systems.

With years of research and experience Dave found that everyone nationally had the same problem he had locally. It didn't matter what your need was or where your place was in the industry, everyone needed a complete selection of adequate products, and everyone needed taught the right installation instructions. Even today many roofs fail with good intent all because the industry is not designed to spread the information it is designed to sell product and not much else.

Dave challenged the manufacturing community in the late 90's to improve its products and he offered free technical support nationally to the consumers so that each day the industry would understand and be capable of more. And today manufacturers and craftsmen worldwide are working to continue what Dave started.

In America there are no regulations on roofing like there are for electricians and plumbers. And we all suffer because of this. Everybody needs to work and everybody also has a budget. So our goal has always been to promote only the products that can hold up to what you invest. Not every product is a winner or loser. What is most important in every occasion is what products are correct for your roof type and what products are correct for your weather conditions.

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