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Slate and Copper Company has a long history in Erie, PA and throughout the United States with specialty roof and gutter projects. Our history began with slate and copper roofing and expanded from there. Dave Snyder founded the company in 1997 to offer a solution to the local demand for repair of failing slate roofs...
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Dormer Vent Gannondale Gutters Downspouts and Scupper Repair Fisher Tile Roof And Copper Gutter Elio Yankee Gutter And Tile Roof Eisert Tile Roof Ehrman Copper Gutter And Metal Roof Ehrman Copper Gutter and Scupper Dave Snyder Hanging Off Of Copper Gutter Hangers Slate Roofing With Copper Nails
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  Along with Dave his wife Kristine saw that there was a great audience of crafters that were always looking for slates to paint on and copper scraps...
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